Wilsons Promontory Marine Monitoring

Strong, cold winds, driving rain and thunder storms made for challenging conditions at some of the exposed sites, but no-one was complaining as we soaked up the majestic scenery. 


Some dives had to be postponed because of poor sea conditions and we spent a quiet day at Refuge Cove, waiting for the weather to improve.  This time was spent mapping Refuge Cove and Bareback Bay with sidescan sonar and ground-truthing habitats with spot dives. We were honoured by a visit from the Chief Executive of Parks Victoria, Dr Bill Jackson and marine rangers from the region. We understand they enjoyed a nice dive near one of the sites in Waterloo Bay. The work of analysing and reporting on the data has begun and the results will be published through Parks Victoria in the New Year.

We wish to express our gratitude to the crew of the MV Eastern Voyager.  Chris, Danny and Nathan took great care of us on all fronts, with superb seamanship on the MV Eastern Voyager and her tenders, excellent diver support, and a constant supply of good food in large quantities.





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