Beaked whales pique interest


David has a keen eye and is the only the person in the world fortunate enough to have sighted and confirmed this species at sea multiple times. David first encountered Shepherd's beaked whales off Northland, New Zealand, in 2008. He documented two encounters over two days, one of these featuring an affiliation between three Shepherd’s beaked whales and a pod of six killer whales Orcinus orca.

David will shortly take leave from Australian Marine Ecology to join the Australian Antarctic Division on the second blue whale tracking voyage, departing from Portland. We look forward to hearing about this exciting voyage when he returns after Easter.


A Shepherd's beaked whale off the Victorian coast in January.






Shepherd's beaked whales in New Zealand waters with killer whales in 2008.







To read more about the Shepherd’s beaked whale encounter and the blue whale acoustic tracking project, visit

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