The conference was attended by over 450 delegates from both Australia and New Zealand as well as further a field. The conference ran for a total of four days and covered all aspects of marine science spanning all habitats from deep-sea communities to the inter-tidal zone.

All three AME representatives presented by way of an oral presentation or poster, in Adrian’s case both.

Matt’s oral presentation focused on subtidal reef monitoring and was titled ‘Communities Out of Control-How Do We Know?’, in addition to this formal conference presentation, Matt also presented at a public forum on Marine Protected Areas convened by Environment Tasmania and Ocean Planet. These interesting and informative presentations both presentations received good attendance from public and peers. 

Adrian gave a n excellent presentation, titled  ‘A Spawning Aggregation of the Dana Lanternfish in the Northwestern Coral Sea and Associations with Tuna Aggregations’ and was very well received.

David presented a poster titled “The First Detailed At-Sea Observations and New Diagnostic Descriptions of Shepherd’s Beaked Whale (Tasmacetus shepherdi)’ which generated a great deal of interest.

The conference provided an opportunity to showcase AME’s recent contributions to marine science as well as to learn more about work currently being undertaken by our colleagues.

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