AUV Phoenix Takes Flight

AUV Phoenix boasts the following features:

  • Two on-board computers allow for autonomous undersea navigation and data recording;
  • Depth, compass, GPS and doppler velocity log (DVL);
  • Yellowfin three frequency sidescan sonar;
  • Two onboard cameras;
  • Iridium satellite communications; and
  • Teledyne Benthos through-water data modem.

AUV Phoenix successfully passed field trials over the last fortnight and is now ready for some serious work. Upcoming projects include:

  • kelp canopy coverage video surveys in central Victoria;
  • rock lobster reef habitat sidescan sonar survey at Warrnambool;
  • deep sponge garden video and sidescan sonar survey at Portland;
  • seagrass surveys in Corner Inlet; and
  • mapping of rare shrimp habitat in Port Phillip Bay.

We are presently expanding AUV Phoenix video capabilities through external 3D cameras for fish surveys and seabed mapping.

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