Intertidal Reef Monitoring Program 2014

Australian Marine Ecology has completed our 2014 survey of central Victorian intertidal reefs. Victoria’s rocky intertidal reefs occur on points and headlands across the state and are often separated by large stretches of sandy habitats. Our local reefs vary in structure from steep sloping rock faces to relatively flat or gently sloping boulder fields and rock platforms. Australian Marine Ecology has surveyed these important habitats for the Parks Victoria Intertidal Reef Monitoring Program since 2003.  Surveys involve a visual census of mobile invertebrates (whelks, limpets, and crabs), sessile invertebrates (tube worms and barnacles) and algae. This year we went hi-tech, using tablet field computers, portable UBS GPS units and electronic callipers to complete our most efficient survey to date. Which left plenty of time for an enjoyable walk along our beautiful coastline.







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