Monash University Western Port nutrient sampling marathon

Researchers from Monash University have just completed a second round of 48 hour continuous nutrient sampling in northern Western Port, using Australian Marine Ecology's RV Orca II. The study aims to examine nutrient fluxes  associated with inlets and required continuous water sampling on station for 24 hours at each of two sites.


Beaked whales pique interest

Recent reports in the media recount a rare sighting of Shepherd’s beaked whales Tasmacetus shephardi off the west coast of Victoria. As it happens, it was Australian Marine Ecology's Senior Technical Officer, David Donnelly, who sighted and confirmed the species at sea during the recent Australian Antarctic Division’s blue whale acoustic tracking project.


Ecologist's pilgrimage to Goat Island Marine Reserve – New Zealand

Goat Island Marine Reserve was one of the first no-take areas established in New Zealand and has been the focus of many studies on temperate reef ecology. The marine research done there provided ground breaking information that is the foundation of our present understanding of temperate reef systems. Goat Island based research, particularly on fish and rock lobster biology, provided the springboard for Matt Edmunds’ work on fish community ecology and juvenile rock lobster biology in Tasmania (sometime last century). Goat Island Marine Reserve is also a model reserve from social and economic viewpoints. The area is a very popular tourist destination and has the full support of local commercial fishermen who recognise its value to their community and to the well-being of their fisheries. Research on the socio-economic benefits of the New Zealand marine reserves was pivotal to Matt Edmunds’ work with the Tasmanian Resource Planning and Development Commission in selecting and designing marine reserves in southern Tasmania. After many years of reading and citing the research arising from the reserve, Matt finally made the pilgrimage to Goat Island.


Commercial diving course slated for Australian Marine Ecology staff

Australian Marine Ecology is putting Dave Donnelly, Matt McArthur, Kate Pritchard and Shaun Davis through an Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme limited level 1 commercial dive course, to ensure the highest possible proficiency and efficiency in future dive operations.  The team will be put through their paces by the instructors at Professional Diving Services, kicking off with theory classes in mid April.  Shallow water exercises will be dived locally.  Deep water exercises will be done through Professional Diving Services' Albury facility to reduce potential delays due to poor weather.


Kate Pritchard and the Parks Victoria Two Bays program

Ecologist Kate Pritchard of Australian Marine Ecology was invited to join Parks Victoria staff during the Two Bays program around Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park on 24 January. This was an enjoyable day on the water at Popes Eye and Point Nepean, and Kate met many Parks Victoria regional staff.  Australian Marine Ecology looks forward to consolidating its relationship with Parks Victoria staff by inviting the regional representatives to accompany us on fieldwork in their respective districts.


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