Fin swimming ecologist training for championship meet

Australian Marine Ecology is a proud sponsor of fin swimming at the national and international level and is supporting Matt Edmunds' campaign for the next championship in Sydney in September 2012. This championship will include regional Asian countries as part of the Oceania Dive Expo 2012. Matt is training specifically to break the Australian Open 100 m immersion (SCUBA) record. The Australian record is 41.92 s and Matt is currently ranked second at 43.52 s. His other goals are to break Masters records for the 50 m apnea, 400 m surface, 400 m immersion and 800 m immersion.


Whale watching staff member returns, again

David Donnelly's whale wanderlust was temporarily sated after three weeks at sea with the Australian Antarctic Division. Dave was part of a team of eight scientists from around the world trialing sonobuoy technology for use in acoustic tracking of pygmy blue whales off the west coast of Victoria. Methods developed during these trials may be adapted for use in the Southern Ocean and around the Antarctic ice shelf to assist with locating ‘true’ blue whales during voyages planned for 2013.




Whale tracking staff member heads off again

Australian Marine Ecology’s Senior Technical Officer, David Donnelly, is away with the whales once more.  Dave is joining a team from the Australian Antarctic Division aboard the MV Eastern Voyager for a three week proof-of-method whale tracking project.


Wilsons Promontory Marine Monitoring

We have just completed an extended excursion to Wilsons Promontory for the twelfth long-term monitoring reef survey for Parks Victoria. We spent eight days on the liveaboard MV Eastern Voyager surveying abundances of fishes, sea urchins, seastars, abalone and seaweeds at 20 sites around the Promontory. The work involved eight scientists and a total of 80 person-dives.


Orca II receives equipment refit

Orca II, Australian Marine Ecology's 8 m research vessel, has been given an electrical make-over. 


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