Core Values & Policies

Australian Marine Ecology operates according to a set of principles and values:

  • provision of high quality, unbiased and robust scientific information through strict adherence to principles of scientific integrity and objectivity;
  • provide scientific services to all sectors of the community, including governments, institutions, industries and NGOs;
  • ensure sound design, analysis and interpretation by combining established knowledge, principles and theory with recent scientific advances;
  • provide timely, clear and concise communication of findings; and
  • adhere to schedules and budgets by using practical and efficient methods and a team that is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced.


Policies and programs central to our operations include:

  • quality management system;
  • environmental management system;
  • occupational health and safety systems, including for scientific diving;
  • scientific principles and ethics policy;
  • professional development and capability building; and
  • a research and development program.


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