The Team

The team at Australian Marine Ecology includes highly trained scientist with a range of expertise. Personnel are knowledgeable in temperate marine biology and include experienced field scientists and scientific divers.

Matt Edmunds BSc (Hons) PhD, Managing Director

David Donnelly, Senior Technical Officer

Bryan Woods BSc, Marine Ecologist

Edit Kucharszki, Administration Officer

Dr Matt Edmunds BSc (Hons) PhD

Managing Director, Principal Ecologist

Key Roles: Scientific design and review; ROV and AUV operations; modeling; software development; expert witness panels and committees; data analysis and reporting.

Disciplines: Acoustic mapping; population and community ecology; ecological impact assessment; ecophysiology; deep reef biology.

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David Donnelly

Quality Manager, OHS Officer, Diving Officer, Senior Technical Officer

Key Roles: OHS duties; Marine Mammal Observer; Vessel Operator; scientific diver; underwater visual census; water quality monitoring.

Disciplines: Marine mammal biology and ecology; seabird observation; temperate fish identification; elasmobranch husbandry.

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Bryan Woods BSc

Marine Ecologist

Key Roles: Database management; field biologist; scientific diver; underwater visual census; report preparation.

Disciplines: Temperate invertebrate and seaweed identification; deep reef sessile invertebrate identification, instrumentation.

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Edit Kucharszki GDPA

Administration officer

Key Roles: Bookkeeper/accounting; office administration; financial planning; cash flow.

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