Scientific writing is an important aspect of delivering outcomes of scientific research and review to a client or the wider community. Australian Marine Ecology has prepared over 325 reports in the last 15 years for respective clients. Below is a small selection of example reports prepared by Australian Marine Ecology, or scientific papers which Australian Marine Ecology staff were heavily involved; 


Last PR, Edmunds M and Yearsley GK (2007) Part 2 – Squalus crassispinus sp. nov., a new spurdog of the ‘megalops-cubensis group’ from the eastern Indian Ocean. In: Last PR, White WT and Pogonoski JJ (eds.) Descriptions of New Dogfishes of the genus Squalus(Squaloidea: Squalidae). CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper No. 014, CSIRO, Hobart.

Judd A, Edmunds M, Sheedy E and Ong J (2008) Lakes Entrance Existing Conditions: Seagrass Monitoring, February 2008. Report to Gippsland Ports. Australian Marine Ecology Report 395, Melbourne.

 Mustoe S and Edmunds M (2008) Coastal and Marine Natural Values of the Kimberley. World Wide Fund for Nature, Sydney.

 Edmunds M, Stewart K, Pritchard K, Cutajar J, Zavalas R, Sheedy E, Ong J, Kerrigan J and Lewis Z (2009) Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening Project. Deep Reef Impact and Recovery Assessment. Report to Port of Melbourne Corporation. Australian Marine Ecology Report 410. Melbourne. (for further information please contact us)

Edmunds M, Stewart K, Prichard K and Zavalas R (2011) Victorian subtidal reef monitoring program: reef biota within the Twofold Shelf Bioregion. Parks Victoria Technical Series No. 68. Parks Victoria, Melbourne. (For further information please contact us)

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