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Matt Edmunds BSc (Hons) PhD, Managing Director

David Donnelly, Senior Technical Officer

Bryan Woods BSc, Marine Ecologist

Edit Kucharszki, Administration Officer

Dr Matt Edmunds BSc (Hons) PhD MEIANZ

Dr Edmunds is the director of Australian Marine Ecology Pty Ltd. He has specialist expertise in coastal ecological investigations and he has been designing and implementing research and monitoring programs for over 20 years. His work encompasses a broad range of ecological aspects including community-environment relationships, taxonomy, population dynamics and environmental impact assessments.

Dr Edmunds has substantial experience in experimental/sampling design and analysis, in addition to a strong practical background in underwater visual censusing. More recently, he has been at the forefront in establishing quantitative deepwater visual census using drop-video, towed video, ROV and AUV technology.

His work in environmental consulting has focused on the ecological assessment of wastewater discharge, dredging and other disturbances, as well as the assessment of natural spatial and temporal variations in fish populations and reef communities. These assessments include: multivariate comparisons near pulp-mill and sewage discharges; before-after-control-impact type analyses of population abundances and community assemblages; power analysis of monitoring programs; and assessment and implementation of remote sensing methods for habitat mapping and environmental monitoring.

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David Donnelly

David Donnelly has a broad background in the field of marine science, with experience in eco-tourism, the aquarium industry, oil and gas operations and scientific fieldwork. Mr Donnelly began his career in marine science working on whale watch tour vessels in Hervey Bay, Queensland. He then progressed to the aquarium industry working as an aquarist at Melbourne Aquarium for eight years where he specialised in elasmobranch husbandry and sea turtle rehabilitation. A change in direction led Mr Donnelly to be employed as a field research officer with the Dolphin Research Institute. In this role he was responsible for the coordination of fieldwork and vessel operations. Mr Donnelly assisted in the coordination of no less than five scientific projects linked to Monash University. These projects focused on dolphin populations within Port Phillip Bay, Westernport and the Gippsland Lakes and included the study of genetics, toxicology, acoustics, spatial distribution and stable isotopes.

Mr Donnelly is an experienced and recognised aerial and vessel based marine mammal observer. An important component of his work included photographic records for species and individual identification, as well as maintenance of databases. Other experience includes a lead role in acoustic and visual cetacean surveys with the Australian Navy in the Coral Sea.

Bryan Woods BSc

Mr Woods graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Marine Science and Biological Sciences. He began his career in the pearling industry of WA where he gained substantial experience in aquaculture techniques, Pinctada Maxima biology and as a commercial diver. Bryan is an ADAS qualified scientific diver and recreational dive instructor with thousands of logged dives. He has worked as an Education Officer for the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA). Bryan’s experience in managing a small business has given him the role of Office Manager at Australian Marine Ecology, in addition to his scientific roles. 

His interests include marine invertebrates, phycology, and seagrass ecology.

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Edit Kucharszki

Ms Kucharszki is a qualified accountant, graduating from the University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is subsequently gained membership of the Corp of Experts and Authorised Accountants in Romania. She has considerable experience working as an accountant and economist for manufacturers, oil firms and accountants in Romania. Ms Kucharszki joined Australian Marine Ecology as a part-time administrative officer.

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